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Backup and Restore
Posted by on 11 May 2016 08:42 PM

Clients are 100% responsible for their own backups.

Crucial maintains daily backups for all managed hosting clients for disaster recovery and business continuity.  These internal backups are not intended for client use and there is a $150 service fee to access our internal backups.

We offer a backup service which utilizes our own internal backup system; however, we offer no assurance of a backup's availability or integrity. We strongly encourage all customers to maintain their own off-site backups.

Our internal backup system, which you can read about here, has restrictions in regards to what files we will back up. The following restrictions are not a complete list, and we make no guarantee that any particular file will be available in a backup.

Things we will intentionally not backup

  • Any file, excluding database files, larger than 500MB on a shared hosting plan
  • Any file, excluding database files, larger than 1000MB on a dedicated hosting plan
  • Any compressed archive on the "HDD Space" (non-SSD Space) for a dedicated hosting plan
  • Any cache file

Why we have these restrictions

Our backup system is very complex and is constantly working to provide backups to our customers. Our backup servers are pushed to their limits every second of the year. In order to ensure useful backups are available going back as far as possible, and with a frequency as often as possible, we have had to put these restrictions in place.

These rules are intended to provide a better backup system, not a more restrictive one. Customers who frequently exceeded those limits would impact the quality and quantity of backups for all of our customers. We would rather avoid including what we consider unnecessary files in our backups for a small portion of our customers, in order to benefit the rest of the customers who don't represent a technical burden to our backup system.

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