Unable to login and Password Reset
Posted by on 27 April 2016 11:45 AM

If you are trying to log in and your password is not working correctly you can quickly reset your password from the login form.

Billing System Control Panel Login:

Your billing account email address is used for the login name.  This email address should match the email used to signup for our service and which you receive invoices and receipts.  Click on the "Help" button to reset your password.  Enter your billing account email address and your password will be immediately reset and emailed to the same email address.  If you do not quickly see the email (within a few minutes) be sure to check any spam folders you may have in case the email was filtered as spam.  You can then log into the Billing System with the new password and your Billing Account email address.

Support Help Desk Login:

When you submit a ticket for the first time a new account is automatically created for you and you will receive an email containing your Help Desk login credentials.  You use the same email address you used to submit the ticket and the password that was emailed to you to log in to view and respond to support requests.  

If your email address is already registered with the Help Desk and you do not know the password, simply click on the "Lost Password" link on the Help Desk log in form.  Enter your Help Desk registered email and a password reset link will be emailed to the address provided - follow the instructions in the email.  You can then access your Help Desk account to submit, view, and reply to tickets with the new password.

cPanel - Web Site Control Panel:

To access cPanel, your website account control panel, simply append "/cpanel" to your domain name.  For instance, if your domain name was '' you would access your cPanel using "".  If you do not have your username or password to access cPanel, this information was sent in your Welcome Email when you first signed up with our service.  It's possible you have changed the password since signing up and need to reset your cPanel password.  Your username would never change.

Click on the "Reset Password" link on the cPanel login form and enter your username.  Instructions to reset your cPanel password will be sent to whatever contact email address you have setup in cPanel.  If you do not quickly see the email (within a few minutes) be sure to check any spam folders you may have in case the email was filtered as spam.  It is very important to have your cPanel contact email address(es) set up and regularly updated.  

If you no longer have access to your cPanel contact email address or do not know your username you will need to submit a ticket to our Billing Department where we can then properly authenticate your request for a password reset during normal business hours (9am - 5pm MST).

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