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Posted by Rick G. on 02 May 2015 12:37 PM

We're very sorry to hear you wish to close this account.

Is there any certain problem that you are having with our service? We are certain that we can be of assistance in getting any issue resolved. If the issue is something you would rather have direct attention from the owner, please email Richard Garcia directly at

Crucial Hosting is a performance web hosting provider. We cut no corners to provide the highest quality web hosting available. We host Wordpress, Magento and all sorts of demanding PHP/MySQL applications that run extremely fast on our performance based servers. If you're not completely satisfied we'd like to the opportunity to understand why and immediately correct the issue for you.

Just let us know if there is any issue by opeing a ticket with our Technical Support Department and we'll get right on it. If you are looking to cancel the account for other reasons please use our official Cancellation Form so we can properly authenticate your request. It's just a security measure we maintain to ensure the safety of your account.

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