htaccess and Rewrite Rules
Posted by Rick G. on 02 May 2015 12:23 PM

As a web designer or developer, it is important to know how to use the htaccess file to your advantage. It is a very powerful tool, and can even work as a deterrent for bandwidth thieves, exploits, and hackers. Below are some common examples of rules to consider when developing websites. We hope you find them useful.

Jump To Redirect Example

  1. Rewrite Engine
  2. Basic Redirect
  3. HTML to PHP
  4. Remove File Extensions
  5. Add WWW To Domain
  6. Remove WWW From Domain
  7. Add Trailing Slash
  8. Remove Trailing Slash
  9. Remove Query String
  10. Remove Trailing Question Mark
  11. Remove Trailing Index File
  12. Remove Index File From URL
  13. HTTP to HTTPS
  14. HTTPS to HTTP
  15. Deny Access To Htaccess
  16. Enable Caching
  17. Disable Caching On Dynamic Pages
  18. Example Htaccess File

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